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Different Tire with Different Functions
The vehicles depend on tires to drive on the road, and tread pattern contacts with the road surface directly. The friction generated between the pattern block and road surface can make the cars drive, stop and steer. Different tread patterns have different functions.
There are many kinds of tread patterns, including the common pattern, the cross-country pattern and the mixed pattern and others.

Common pattern

The common pattern is used for hard road, which consists of longitudinal pattern, transverse pattern and longitudinal and transverse pattern.

  • 01.:circumferential pattern
  • 02.:Transverse pattern
  • 03.:Vertical and horizontal pattern

Mixed pattern has excellent adhesion but poor wear resistance

The cross-country pattern has wide and deep grooves, with smaller contact area, generally at 50%. The traction of cross-country pattern is one and a half times as strong as the common one.

  • The asymmetry pattern is used on HP tires.
  • The block pattern is used on winter tires.
  • Direzionale pattern is used for highway.

Daily maintenance of tyre

  • 01

    Check the pressure regularly

  • 02

    Check the temperature regularly

  • 03

    Dig the pebbles regularly

  • 04

    Check the wear regularly

  • 05

    Fill the holes regularly

Several problems needing attention in tire driving

Tips That Help Increase Tire Life:
• Do not speed. High speeds will generate excessive heat, which increases the rate of tire wear.
• Avoid fast turns on curves and corners.
• Avoid quick starts and panic stops.
• Do not ride on the edge of the pavement or drive over curbs, potholes, or other obstructions.