Linglong Tire Drift Team Orange swept the first and second place in the Rd.1 of the FDJ 2022 season
Author : Date : 27.04/2022 Print Font size:T|T

    Recently, the first round of the FDJ kicked off at the Twins Circuit in Suzuka, Japan. After multiple rounds of fierce competition, Linglong Tire Drift Team Orange became the winner of this competition with the results of two championships and one runner-up, showing the strengths of Linglong Tire once again!

    It is worth mentioning that the rainy weather and the slippery roads made the game more difficult. Our three drivers can still maintain a good condition under such road conditions, in addition to their own technical strength, they are also inseparable from the blessing of Linglong FLASH HERO racing tires. This tire has repeatedly helped our drivers achieve great results, proving its absolute prowess on wet and dry tracks.

    In the future, Linglong Tire will continue to use competitions to sharpen itself, whether it is in the field of drifting or tire manufacturing, Linglong Tire will always hit the highest peak in the industry with the attitude of excellence and the belief that will never stop, let more motorsports fans fall in love with Chinese brands!