Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Visit Linglong Europe.
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On December 24, Mr. Tomislav Momirović, Serbian Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure, visited Linglong Europe with Mr. Sim Salapur, the mayor of Zrenjanin.

After the inspection, he expressed recognition of Linglong's project management and mentioned that 30 regular on-site inspections and 20 special on-site inspections have been conducted in Linglong Europe so far. The results showed that this was the most tightly controlled construction site in Serbia. He was satisfied with the Lingong Europe’s compliance with Serbian laws and regulations, and fully confident in jointly advancing the long-term development of Linglong Europe. 

As an important part of Linglong's 7+5 global strategy, Linglong Europe is Linglong's second overseas manufacturing base. Its planned investment is up to US$990 million with annual production capacity reaching 13.62 million high-performance radial tires and 1,200 jobs for local people. According to Sim Salapur, Europe Linglong is currently the largest investment project in Zrenjanin, and it plays a vital role in the development of Zrenjanin and even Serbia.

Linglong Europe has always been adhering to the idea of sustainable development and widely using the concept of green and low-carbon in the project design. Linglong Europe will be equipped with industry-leading tire manufacturing equipment from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Japan and other countries to focus on the construction of automated and intelligent factory, ensuring the overall improvement of working environment, intensity and efficiency.

As an internationally developing company, Linglong Europe provides diversified benefits, career growth and team building channels for its employees to enhance their sense of belonging and cohesion. During the early stages of the pandemic, Linglong donated emergency prevention materials worth 270,000 EUR to Serbia, and donated masks to organizations in Zrenjanin and distributed masks to local people. Through its Serbian factory, Linglong actively launches public welfare events in its local community, including tree planting activities with related organizations, providing a variety of scholarships and internship opportunities for local students, hosting the China-EU Elite Chess Competition to promote the exchange of intellectual sports and organizing a youth football training camp with the Serbian Football Association by inviting professional coaches from Serbian SuperLiga to give professional guidance to local football fans.

At present, Linglong Europe has more than 700 employees , of which 607 are recruited locally from Serbia. The remaining 100 employees are mainly skilled workers dispatched from its headquarters in China. During the pandemic, newly recruited Serbian employees has been training for the upcoming formal production.