Linglong Tire Drift Team Orange Swept Winner and Runner-up at the Japan D1 Grand Prix
Author : Date : 23.11/2021 Print Font size:T|T

On November 20, the D1GP 2021 season finale started at Ebisu, Japan. With its superb technology and fearless spirit, as well as the strong support of Linglong racing tires, the racing driver Naoto Suenaga from Linglong Tire Drift Team ORANGE won the Tsuiso champion, while another Linglong’s racing driver Mekuwa Kojiro won the runner-up. Linglong Tire swept  the winner and runner-up at one event!

In over two decades since its inception,  the Japan D1GP is a production car drifting series that is currently the world’s top international drifting competition with strong influence.

Linglong Tire Drift Team ORANGE was established in 2019 out of passion for motor sport and has made its first appearance in the D1GP 2019 arena. A drifting competition comes in the form of a big sensory overload. Racers are required to possess high technical and psychological capacity in D1GP, an event that integrates speed with technology, while relying on the tyre’s impeccable quality and performance. Engineered with Linglong Tire’s racing-inspired technology for an optimal track performance ride, the brand’s performance tires are developed with unique construction and tread compounds for maximum grip which allows for extreme cornering and braking.

Linglong Tire is a leading Chinese tyre manufacturer founded in 1975, with its manufacturing facilities established in China, Thailand and Serbia, as well as R&D centers in China, Germany and North America.