Linglong delivers committed support to combat COVID-19, in line with corporate social agenda
Author : Date : 07.12/2020 Print Font size:T|T

 LingLong reacted promptly to the pandemic outbreak in Wuhan in March this year, donating goods and providing transportation services to severely affected areas and mission critical facilities.

In January, Linglong donated RMB 5 million to Red Cross in Jingmen City, Hubei Province. In addition, the company mobilized distributors and tire dealers in Hubei Province to provide free transportation services to assist with the delivery of PPE goods to Huoshenshan Hospital, an emergency specialized hospital built in response to the COVID-19 pandemic over just a matter of days.

In February, Linglong launched a national campaign to raise awareness around hand-washing and mask-wearing, with adverts broadcast on 500,000 screens in over 100 cities across China. The adverts have since received positive feedback from consumers.

In March, Linglong donated 300,000 disposable surgical masks, 2,000 sets of medical protective clothing, and 10,000 COVID-19 antibody test kits to the Serbian government through the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Beijing, China, the first initiative of its kind by a Chinese enterprise to a foreign country since the outbreak of the pandemic.

When the virus epicentre shifted from China to overseas in April, Linglong donated 1,000 KF94 masks to its British partners, who then matched the donation with another 1,200 units to their French distributors, 1,000 units to their Dutch distributors, and 500 units to their Italian distributors.

Linglong also made donations to Africa and Japan. By early April, the company had donated nearly 90,000 masks — including KF94 masks and disposable surgical masks — to their overseas distributors.

In June, LingLong held review meetings with LingLong Group and Shandong University, resulting in a tripartite agreement on conducting staff training, scientific research, and medical care in response to COVID-19. This will not only provide talent support for Ling Long's future development, but also optimize educational structures and attract quality overseas-educated talent. Linglong has also provided day-to-day supplies for the Second Hospital of Shandong University to support the Hubei National Medical Team throughout the pandemic.