Linglong Group and Qingdao University of Science and Technology Signed Cooperation Agreement
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On November 10, the cooperation signing ceremony between Linglong Group and Qingdao University of Science and Technology was held in Linglong Headquarters successfully. The leaders of both sides attended this ceremony and witness this great moment.

Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) is a multidisciplinary university with a particular focus on engineering, coordinately develops with science, engineering, literature, economics, management, medicine, law, art, and education. It is a key university directly affiliated to Shandong Province and a preeminent featured university for the cultivation of fundamental and professional talents approved by Shandong provincial government. Furthermore, it is evaluated as an “outstanding university for its undergraduate education”and a “national top university in its practice of the employment of graduates” by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and praised as “Huangpu Military Academy of China Rubber Industry” by the society.

As a company with a culture of "ingenuity", Linglong Group has always regarded training new high-skilled talents as an important part of achieving high-quality development of the enterprise. Over the past years, the company has actively explored new ways for school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents and has cooperated with many domestic universities in school-enterprise co-construction, resource sharing, and industry-university interaction, which has played an immediate role in promoting enterprise talent development and technology development.

Through signing the cooperation agreement, the two parties will make efforts in the training of professional and international talents. By means of multi-form and multi-level rubber engineering and technical personnel training, scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, they will jointly build a long-term cooperation in industry, university and research. We will jointly promote the comprehensive technical cooperation between enterprises and universities, train high-quality and high-level international professionals for China’s rubber industry and help Linglong Group achieve its high-quality development.

It is the responsibility of enterprises and universities to work together to cultivate high-quality skilled personnel and promote industrial upgrading. In the future, Linglong will actively seek more ways to cultivate talents, providing talent support for the development of the enterprise and making positive contributions to the talents development.