Linglong among 2020 Top 500 Asian Brands
Author : Date : 23.09/2020 Print Font size:T|T

Recently, the Asia Brand Conference sponsored by the World Brand Lab was held in Shanghai. The 2020 Top 500 Asian Brands ranking list was released at the conference. Linglong Tire made its appearance on this list once again. 

The influence of each brand first comes from the strength of the product behind it. In 2020, Linglong Tire updates its products and services around key technology development, bottleneck technology research, and cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, continuously adapting to the market and consumption upgrades, meeting the demanding needs of users for products, and creating a good brand reputation.

Linglong Tire continues to explore user experience and builds a smart retail system. Based on a full range of "service cars" and "service consumers" as the starting point, it provides consumers with more diverse automotive aftermarket product choices and convenient services to enhance consumer satisfaction.

The company will continue to take the attitude of a struggler, with ingenuity and original intention to achieve the ultimate in products and services, to shape a sentimental and warm-hearted brand of a major country, and build a world-renowned global brand.