Linglong Tire Dominated in 2020 D1GP!
Author : Date : 24.08/2020 Print Font size:T|T

On August 23, the third round of the 2020 D1GP kicked off at the Fukushima Ebisu (EBISU) circuit in Japan. After multiple rounds of fierce competition, racing drivers from Linglong Tire Drift Team  won the championship and runner-up in one fell swoop, showing the strengths of Linglong Tire once again!

D1GP is one of the world's highest level drift events. In 2018, Linglong Tire established the Atlas Tire Drift Team, which officially entered the drift event, and brought its self-developed racing tires on the field for testing. With strong product performance and the superb skills of the drivers, the Atlas Tire Drift Team won many honors in the 2018 D1 Grand Prix China Series.

The return of Linglong’s drift team has lived up to expectations. With the stable performance of the racers and the escort of racing tires, Linglong Tire drift team won two championships and one runner-up in the two events.

Linglong Tire’s excellent performance in world-class professional competitions proved that Linglong’s self-developed racing tires can withstand any rigorous tests and verified the company’s strong R&D system and capabilities. In the future, Linglong Tire will continue to use competitions to sharpen itself, improve product quality and performance, and let more motor sports fans fall in love with Chinese brands!