Linglong Starts 2nd Phase Cooperation with Tecent and Huazhi
Author : Date : 11.07/2020 Print Font size:T|T
On July 10, Linglong Tire signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud and Huazhi. The three parties will continue to explore in smart marketing and industrial digitalization based on the world’s first industrial Internet platform for the tire industry, aiming at helping Linglong realize the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, while seizing the aftermarket and improving the overall digital marketing and service level.
In April of this year, Linglong Tire reached a cooperation with Tencent Cloud and Shenzhen Huazhi. With the help of the technological advantages of both parties and industrial Internet industry experience, it established a global industrial service platform for Linglong Tire, and continued to build a fully connected smart marketing cloud platform.
Based on the previous good cooperation, the three parties reached the second phase of cooperation. Tencent will upgrade the marketing cloud for Linglong, using enterprise WeChat and other connected applications to reach users more efficiently and respond quickly to market demands. At the same time, it will open online and offline stores through e-shops and build a smart industry for Linglong. Through the electronic mall to open online and offline stores, online consumers are effectively introduced into the offline store service system, bringing more marketing possibilities.

In addition, Tencent Cloud and Huazhi will continue to release their own technological and resource advantages, providing cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence, unified user service platform, unified manufacturing collaboration platform, and Internet of Things for Linglong Tire Industrial Internet Platform.