Linglong's Visit to Shandong University,New Situation of School-Enterprise Cooperation
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On June 16, 2020,  Wang feng, chairman and president of Shandong Linglong tyre co., ltd.and his party visited Shandong university to communicate with  Fan Liming, Shandong university president,  Wang Qilong, Shandong university executive vice president and other experts and professors. At the meeting, the two sides reviewed the previous cooperation achievements and discussed the future cooperation in depth.

Chairman Wang Feng pointed out at the symposium that Linglong is currently in a period of high-quality development, and its listed company Linglong Tire is also in an important stage of international development and global industrial layout. In this context, Linglong Group will deepen its cooperation with Shandong University, increase its attraction to outstanding graduates of Shandong University, and promote the construction of its talent team. Relying on the education and training system of Shandong University, we will strengthen cooperation in MBA, EMBA and other academic education and the ability training of management cadres and technicians. The two sides have carried out joint research and tackling key problems in the fields of tire rubber,intelligent manufacturing, etc. They have jointly declared forward-looking, professional key innovation projects to enhance the cooperation level between the two sides and realize the common growth of enterprises and Shandong University.

As a company with ingenuity culture, Linglong has always regarded the cultivation of new high-skilled talents as an important link in realizing the high-quality development of the enterprise. Over the years, the company has strengthened the construction of corporate culture, built a learning enterprise, explored new ways to cultivate talents through school-enterprise cooperation, and carried out school-enterprise co-construction, resource sharing, and industry-university interaction with universities such as Shandong University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Tsinghua University, which has played an immediate role in promoting the development of enterprises by talents and science and technology.