Linglong LRS Run-flat Technology High-end Product Promotion Conference Held
Author : Date : 27.05/2020 Print Font size:T|T
On May 26, more than 100 elite shopkeepers from tire terminal stores across the country gathered in Linglong to jointly participate in the LRS Run-flat Technology High-end Product Promotion Conference. Mr. Wang Feng, chairman and president of Linglong Tire, and relevant leaders of the company attended the event.
Mr. Wang Feng made a special report at the conference to introduce Linglong Tire's strategic planning, global industrial layout, etc., and shared the company's high-quality development results with these shopkeepers to help them more comprehensively understand and trust Linglong.
For a long time, the company has been unswervingly implementing the "six internationalization" strategy, accelerating the "6 + 6" industrial layout, and speeding up the construction of a global smart factory. Linglong ensures the  high quality of core products through R&D innovation and lean manufacturing management to meet the  constantly market demand.
In the first quarter of 2020, faced with the impact of the pandemic and the sluggish market, the company actively adjusted product structure, customer structure, and market structure, continuing to improve its market share and market competitiveness.
Based on existing brand stores and marketing outlets, the company integrates the advantages of Tencent Cloud and Huazhi to build a global smart retail platform and provides stores with various support including management support and customer drainage.

At present, Linglong has nearly 5,000 brand stores around the world. With excellent products and policy support, the company has established a stable and lasting partnership with terminal stores. This is the foundation and motivation for Linglong's high-quality development. In the future, the company will continue to deepen product development, intelligent manufacturing, and brand building as always, and use leading products, brands, and services to provide a solid backing for customers.