Linglong Is Taking Actions against Novel Coronavirus
Author : Date : 08.02/2020 Print Font size:T|T

Face with severe situations caused by novel coronavirus, Linglong Tire has been taking positive actions. On Jan. 26, Linglong donated RMB five million Yuan to the Red Cross of Jingmen and Hubei Province. Besides, it organized its distributors in Hubei Province to provide free service to the vehicles for the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital. 

In February, Linglong cooperated with Focus Media to play advertisements for public good on 500,000 screens in elevators of over 100 cities across the country. Nearly 300 million audience in total could see the public advertisement to remind them wash their hands frequently, wear face mask and maintain a good as well as healthy habit, to call on them to pay close attention to the related news of the coronavirus and protect themselves. 

Linglong is confident that China can overcome the virus crisis successfully and will make continuous contributions to the society.