Linglong Won Chinese Brand of the Year 2019
Author : Date : 18.12/2019 Print Font size:T|T

On December 17, world brand laboratory released the list of the Chinese Brand of the Year 2019, Linglong Tire was among this list with its brand value reaching RMB 45.369 billion yuan. 

The respondents of this annual award involve nearly 30,000 brands from over 100 industries. Linglong Tire can stand out from various brands, which not only demonstrates its brand influence in tire industry, but also its popularity among consumers as a tire brand.

In 2019, Linglong focused on building a tire brand with global competitiveness, consumer's awareness,trust and loyalty, achieving strategic breakthrough in quality improvement and brand innovation.

The world brand laboratory says that China has many excellent brands, but Chinese brands still need to accelerate their transformation. Linglong will adhere to its spirit of innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence, making its contribution to Chinese tire brands going global.