2019 Linglong Tire Football Training School Kicked Off
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From November 13 to November 15, 2019 Linglong Tire football training school kicked off in Yantai Aihua Bilingual School. Over 60 teenagers throughout the country, who love football, participated in this football training camp and accepted the professional training from the VfL Wolfsburg’s coaches.

The football training school was jointly initiated by Linglong and VfL Wolfsburg in 2016, aiming at to improve the skills of teenagers at the age of six to twelve. It was held once a year since then. In 2018, Yantai Aihua Bilingual School was chosen as the training base of football school.

Linglong has always been concerned with sports. While developing itself, the company was also enthusiastic about participating in various public welfare activities, actively supporting the sustainable development of Chinese youth football through the cooperation with the club. It hopes to help more Chinese teenagers with football dreams to improve their professional skills and realize their football dreams.

In the future, Linglong will continue to work together with VfL Wolfsburg to introduce advanced German football ideas and teaching methods into the football school, making more students master professional football knowledge, experience the profound German football culture, and get physical and mental exercise, injecting strong impetus into the future development of Chinese football.