Linglong Tire Became the Official Sponsor of Chinese Volleyball League in 2019-2020 Season
Author : Date : 04.11/2019 Print Font size:T|T

On November 2, China Women's Volleyball Super League in 2019-2020 season kicked off. This season's Super League is full of stars, especially with the returning of Zhu Ting. In addition, some famous players from the United States, Russia and other countries also joined China Women's Volleyball Super League. Linglong Tire will also appear on the court of Super League as the official sponsor of Chinese Volleyball League in 2019-2020 Season.

Not long ago, Chinese Women's Volleyball Team won the World Cup with 11 consecutive victories, which inspired all the Chinese people once again. Linglong has been the sponsor of Chinese Volleyball Super League for three consecutive years and it actively participates in the various league’s activities, and witnesses the excellent performance of Chinese Women's Volleyball Team together with numerous Chinese volleyball fans.

In order to spare more time for the national volleyball team to prepare for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 2019-2020 season will only last for two months, the shortest one in history. It is expected that this season’s volleyball league will continue to demonstrate the spirit and strength of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Linglong tire will also invite many partners to watch the fierce volleyball games and learn from women's volleyball, and bring this valuable quality into its wider enterprises!