Linglong Tire Awarded "Green Supply Chain" Excellent Green
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On March 1, 2019, "The 2018 SGM Supplier 'Continuous Improvement' and the 2019 Initiative Conference" was held at SAIC-GM. Linglong Tire was highly recognized for its green supply chain project and was awarded the "Green Supply Chain" Excellent Green Supplier by SAIC General Motors.

In 2008, SAIC-GM started the "Drive To Green" strategy that had been integrated into its vision and core values, and has comprehensively formulated a medium and long-term plan based on "developing green products", "building a green system" and "collecting green responsibility". Green supply chain management is part of the "Drive To Green" strategy and also part of the "Continuous Improvement" project of SAIC-GM's suppliers.

In 2018, Linglong Tire officially launched Green Supply Chain Project jointly with SAIC-GM. Under the guidance of SAIC-GM, Linglong Tire established a green supply chain mechanism with its own characteristics, starting from green manufacturing, conducting energy-saving emission reduction control. In addition, Linglong has promoted the green concept  among the suppliers of raw materials and equipment and truly embraced the concept of environmental protection.

After nearly one year of efforts, Linglong Tire has achieved good results in energy-saving transformation of equipments, green product development, green supplier management and other aspects, and applied green supply chain management to 15 suppliers, which has been highly recognized by SAIC-GM.

With this award as the new starting point, Linglong Tire will continue to promote green research and development, green marketing and green management, at the same time, Linglong will provide more green products for the market. 

Let the green Linglong reach the world!