Linglong Tire Core Strategic Partners High-end Seminar Held in Turin
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On December 7, 2018, Linglong Tire Core Strategic Partners High-end Seminar themed Global Cooperation & International Linglong was successfully held in Turin, Italy, with the presence of Linglong Tire’s core distributors and suppliers from all over the world.

Wang Feng, chairman and president of Linglong Tire, delivered his speech at the seminar and extended his sincere gratitude to his partners for their support to company's development over the years. In 2018, Linglong accelerated its 5+3 global industrial layout and signed an investment memorandum with Serbian Minister of Economy to build its second overseas manufacturing base in Serbia. With the development of the company’s globalization and overseas manufacturing base, Linglong will need its partners’ support in global stable supply and  resource sharing etc. Mr. Wang was full of expectations to the global cooperation in the near future. 

Firstly, he hoped that Linglong’s partners could provide more new products as well as new technology for Linglong’s research and development to improve the company's core technology and key technologies, promoting the upgrading of its industrial structure, brand promotion and global market share.

Secondly, Wang Feng expected that Linglong could work outcooperation plans for different products with its partners, to create anew model of cooperation which could improve product quality stability, production continuity and shorten the supply cycle.

Thirdly, he hoped that his partners could establish the information sharing and regular communication mechanism by sharing industry experience and market analysis, to face market challenges jointly and improve market competitiveness.

Besides, the company would closely follow the European markettrend and increase its efforts in the development of new products andnew brands, to enhance Linglong’s market awareness and market share in European market.

Mr. Wang Feng said that under the increasingly severe global political and economic situation, the future market was still full of challenges and Linglong would have a brighter future with the cooperation with its global partners.