Linglong Tire Listed in 2018 Top 300 China Most Valuable Brands
Author : Date : 02.04/2018 Print Font size:T|T
Brand Finance, the UK's leading brand value consultancy, has released a 2018 list of the most valuable brands in China. Linglong tire was on the list, with brand value ranking NO.1 among tire enterprises in Chinese Mainland.
Brand Finance, one of the five international brands value evaluation authorities, is the British famous brand management and brand evaluation independent consultant company, whose brand value evaluation is widely recognized by global listed companies because of its professionalism and independence.
For many years, Linglong Tire has been focusing on brand construction, its brand has been universally recognized by consumers around the world with its excellent product quality and years of brand accumulation. The company’s sales keep growing at a high speed and its brand value has reached a record high. In 2017, Linglong’s brand is worth as much as RMB30.562 billion according to  World Brand Lab.
Since entering the capital market in 2016 successfully, Linglong Tire has been taking the brand as the top priority of the company's development. In 2018, Linglong’s brand promotion has reached a new level through cooperation with Europe's top club Juventus. In 2018, the company will also set up Atlas Drift team. Linglong’s brand image will catch up with the world first-class brands!