Linglong Obtained Green Enterprise Management Award
Author : Date : 10.11/2017 Print Font size:T|T
Nowadays, resource and environment has become the common challenge of human being, as a result, the development of green economy and control a commanding point in future global economic competition has become an important national strategy. 
A few days ago, Linglong Tire, a company has been attaching great importance to low-carbon economy as well as green development, was awarded Annual Green Enterprise Management Award in 2017 issued by the council of China Environment News and became a member of council of China Environment News.
Linglong has been positively seeking the low carbon development and conducting the further tire research through technology and innovation. Meanwhile, the company developed dandelion tire, graphene tire and polyurethane tire through 3D printing with its efforts on the research of new technology and new materials. 

This award is the recognition of Linglong Tire by the council of China Environment News. In the future, Linglong will manufacture green energy-saving products through technological innovation.