Linglong Tire Smoothly Passed the Site Audit of Shandong Governor Quality Award
Author : Date : 28.10/2016 Print Font size:T|T

    On Oct.27, another good news came from Linglong Tire. After strict group presentation,and on-site inspection, Linglong Tire smoothly passed the site audit of Shandong Governor Quality Award with its effective quality management system and brand awareness.

    Shandong Governor Quality Award is the highest quality award set by People's Government of Shandong Province, which aims at leading and encouraging various industries and enterprises in Shandong to continuously improve the product quality,project quality and service quality to make Shandong’s economy step into the quality era.

    During this audit, the audit expert panel of this award fully recognized Linglong’s quality management system, technical index and brand advantages. For many years, Linglong has concentrated on strengthening process control,technical innovation to guarantee the stability of product quality and enhance the customers’ satisfaction. Meanwhile, they hope that Linglong can instantly improve quality management and promote the upgrading of quality and efficiency.