VfL Wolfsburg Created New History
Author : Date : 10.03/2016 Print Font size:T|T

    At 3:45 am, March 9th, Beijing time, VfL Wolfsburg beaten Ghent with 1-0 and be promoted to first eight, created the best result of the club history.

    On Dec 15th, 2014, Linglong signed the cooperation contract with VfL Wolfsburg which will last for three years, Linglong officially became the senior sponsor of VfL Wolfsburg FC. The first match after the cooperation with Linglong, VfL Wolfsburg got a opening victory, beating Bayern Munich with 4-1. During the 2014-2015 season, VfL Wolfsburg reached the second in German Bundesliga and won the champion of both German Football Association Cup and DFL Super Cup. That is the first time for VfL.

    Based on the great result of league match, VfL Wolfsburg stepped into UEFA Champions League, beaten CSKA MOSCOW, Man United and Ghent continuously, be promoted to first eight of UEFA, created the best result of club history.

    In 2016, VfL Wolfsburg will found teenager football training camp in China, to enhance the cooperation and try to get more support from Chinese football fans, and let Chinese teenagers get more knowledge about German football.

    There are good reasons we believe that with the support of Linlgong, VfL Wolfsburg will get better performance and gain more fans in China!