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  • LR451

    Radial Agricultural Tire
    1.Increase traction performance.
    2.Enhance shoulder wear and cut resistance performance.
    3.Enhance tread wear resistance performance.

  • LR861

    Radial Agricultural Tire
    1.Better traction and braking performance.
    2.Save work time and fuel.
    3.Better running stability.
    4.Suitable for modern mechanical equipment.

  • FL300

    Radial Agricultural Tire
    2.Wear and puncture resistance.
    3.Good grip and self-cleaning performance.

  • LR9000 (NEW)

    Radial Agricultural Tire
    better soil protection
    Exceptional load capacity

  • LR8000

    Radial Agricultural Tire
    1.Longer service life.
    2.Excellent stability and comfort.
    3.More efficient traction.
    4.Outstanding floating behavior reduces pressure to land.

  • LR7000 (NEW)

    Radial Agricultural Tire
    1.Up to 10% load
    2.Enhance bead strength
    3.Longer service life.
    4.Excellent stability and comfort.
    5.More efficient traction.
    6.Outstanding floating behavior reduces pressure to land

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