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  • LSM401(L-4S+)

    1.Available for loaders operating under seriously tough service conditions in tunnels.
    2.Excellent wear and cut resistance.
    3.Flat and smooth tread improves the puncture resistance to stone.

  • L301(E-3+)

    1.Deepen the pattern design, increase the service life of the tire;
    2.Large tread pattern block design, uniform tread wear;
    3.Special mine formula, anti cutting, anti tearing, super abrasion resistance.

  • LL55(E-3)

    1.Available for loaders and dozers.
    2.Wear and puncture resistance.
    3.Wide application.

  • E-3/L-3

    1.Suitable for heavy loaders used on bad road condition of mine,stone pit and tunnel,etc.
    2.Good impale and wear resistance.

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