Long Haul&Regional

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  • LAL800


  • LLF56+


    Radial truck tire
    Suitable for all position axle of buses and trucks.

  • LFL177 (NEW)

    Directive Wheel

    Radial truck tire (Regional Steer)
    1. Optimization of the shoulder and the proportion of pattern block in the middle.
    2. Four straight groove matching S type variable angle groove design and ensure good steering tyre and self-cleaning properties.
    3. Ultra strong skeleton materials applications and promote tire safety performance.
    4. High wear resistance of new formula application and Wear mileage increases more than 20%.

  • KTA20 (NEW)


    Radial truck tire
    Suitable for all position of trucks using for high traction and high scrub applications.
    1. wide,strong shoulder ribs increase tread life
    2. Lasting grip and stability
    3. High wear resistance

  • LTL863

    Trailer Wheel

    Radial truck tire (Regional Trailer)
    1.Typical combined pattern design offers optimal trailer performance.
    2.Low rolling resistance.
    3.Wear-resistance compound,reduceling shifting to prevent uneven wear.

  • LDL161 (NEW)

    Driving Wheel

    Radial truck tire
    1.Typical block pattern design suitable for the drive axle of trucks.
    2.Good braking and grip on the road.

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