GREEN-Max Winter Ice I-15

  • Snow
  • Handling
  • Safety
Applicable to European market
Product Descriptions:
Outstanding handling performance
Technical Features:
1. Direction tread pattern design providing excellent handling performance;
2. Directional grooves to help evacuate snow and mud.


Specifications Load Index Speed Symbol
175/65R14 86 T
185/60R15 XL 88 T
185/65R15 XL 92 T
195/55R16 XL 91 T
195/65R15 XL 95 T
205/50R17 XL 93 T
205/55R16 XL 94 T
205/60R16 XL 96 T
215/55R16 XL 97 T
215/60R16 XL 99 T
215/65R16 XL 102 T
225/45R17 XL 94 T
225/50R17 XL 98 T
225/55R16 XL 99 T
225/55R17 XL 101 T
235/45R17 XL 97 T

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