Linglong Got a Super-large Order from South America!
Author : Date : 15.10/2018 Print Font size:T|T

On October 12, Linglong Tire signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SUNSET, a tire distributor in Brazil and Paraguay, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, aiming at jointly expanding the market share of Linglong in Brazilian and Paraguayan markets and improving the company's brand awareness, reputation and influence. The total value of this agreement would reach $300 million dollars!

SUNSET is a well-known tire importer and exporter in South America. It has been cooperating with Linglong Tire for more than 10 years. The company has branch companies in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and other countries while maintaining its headquarter in Paraguay, with an annual sale up to $300 million dollars and a bright development prospect.

As per the agreement, SUNSET would purchase tires total amount reaching $300 million dollars from Linglong Tire between 2019 and 2021. In addition, SUNSET will also be responsible for the brand promotion of Linglong in local market, and construct Linglong brand shops in first-tier cities in Brazil and Paraguay actively, to improve sales and service networks.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will help Linglong to further strengthen its cooperative relationship with SUNSET. By taking the advantage of this win-win cooperation, Linglong would expand market share in Brazil and Paraguay and accelerate its internationalization.