GALADARI Extended Olive Branch to Linglong Tire
Author : Date : 21.08/2018 Print Font size:T|T
On August 19, Mr. Mazen Abdul Baki, general manager of  GALADARI  EQUIPMENT  SOLUTIONS, and his team visited Linglong Tire and held a business  conference. 
As one of the top 10 UAE enterprises, GALADARI is a large-scale company operating in various industries such as real estate, hotel, logistics and  engineering equipment, with total assets up to $5 billion. 
Different from most distributors' marketing mode of wholesale and retail,  GALADARI 's end-users have large demand for tires for the reason that  GALADARI is the agent of JCB. Through its good quality and reputation, Linglong has gained favor from GALADARI 

During their conference, the customer spoke highly of Linglong's 5+3 strategy and expressed its strong desire to cooperate with Linglong. Furthermore, GALADARI sincerely hoped that Linglong could set up a branch in UAE and it would like to give Linglong full support to improve Linglong's brand awareness and realize a win-win cooperation.