The fifteen years between Amertican Tires Distributors (ATD) and Linglong Tire
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On August 10, Linglong Tire, ATD, and Qingdao Zhilian jointly held the anniversity in Shanghai to celebrate the fiftteen years' cooperation among the three parties. 

ATD owns more than 140 distribution centers, over 1400 delivery vans with annual sales up to more than $5 billion, and it is American largest tire distributor.

During the meeting, the CEOs of three companies exchanged their opinions on current China-US trade war and international situation. CEO of ATD, Mr. Stuart Schuette introduced and shared the current ATD's development strategy and the challenges and opportunities in the future. Meanwhile, Mr. Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong Tire, made detailed introduction of Linglong's global development strategy and 5+3 global strategic layout.  
Since their cooperation on July 11, 2003, Linglong, ATD and Zhilian stood together regardless of situation and overcomed all obstacles. 

The three parties jointly expressed that they would continue to deepen the strategic partnership, to promote  multidimensional cooperation and jointly created a new world belonging to the three parties.