ATLAS Drifting Team Made the Podium
Author : Date : 05.08/2018 Print Font size:T|T
On Aug 5, Rd.2 of 2018 D1 GRAND PRIX Series in China kicked off in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. As a newly established team in 2018, ATLAS drifting team from Linglong Tire competed with many famous excellent drivers home and abroad. After fierce competition, Naoto Suenaga from ATLAS team won the third place and Zhao Xinjun became the only Chinese racer reaching the top 4.

Although ATLAS team is a brand new team, it has many excellent racers like Naoto Suenaga. In this event, through their effort and passion for drifting, the racers succeeded in finishing various difficult movements, demonstrating the unique charm of drifting.

As the founder of professional automobile drifting competition, D1 GRAND PRIX is the vanguard of the world floating competition. D1 GRAND PRIX not only provides ATLAS team with an opportunity of becoming famous, but also a great chance to show the product image of ATLAS tires.

Tires are the only parts that come into contact with the track, and they are one of the core factors that determine the driver's performance. FLASH AGT and FLASH AGT-W of ATLAS are specially designed for the drifting race, featured with excellent grip and maneuverability, which can ensure the safety of both the racer and the racing car.

In the future, ATLAS will develop more products with higher performance to serve different needs of consumers. In the following matches, ATLAS drifting team is expected to win more awards!