Linglong Set up ATLAS Drifting Team for D1 GRAND PRIX Series in China
Author : Date : 21.05/2018 Print Font size:T|T

On May 20, 2018 D1 GRAND PRIX Series in China came to a perfect end in Beijing, China. Linglong Tire’s ATLAS Drifting Team participated the match for the first time since its formation and achieved excellent results.

As the first event of the D1 GRAND PRIX Series in China, the final competition in Beijing Station was on fire and extremely exciting, which brought a fun as well as exciting drifting feast to the audience.

Drifting race has a quite high technical and psychological requirement for the racers, meanwhile, as an event highly integrated speed with technology, it put forward stringent requirement for the tire’s quality and performance. FLASH AGT and FLASH AGT-W of ATLAS are specially designed for the drifting race, featured with excellent grip and maneuverability, which can ensure the safety of both the racer and the racing car.

Currently, D1 GRAND PRIX is the top international drifting competition with strong influence and attention. With the help of this event, Linglong Tire wants to make the brand image of ATLAS deepened and trusted in the consumer's mind.