Linglong On Tyrexpo Africa 2018
Author : Date : 11.04/2018 Print Font size:T|T

The three-day Tyrexpo Africa 2018 officially kicked off on April 10. As the only professional tire exhibition in Africa, Tyrexpo Africa enjoys a high influence in this region, attracting a large number of tire exhibitors and professional audience.

As a well-known tire enterprise in China, Linglong Tire appears on Tyrexpo Africa 2018 with its GREEN-Max series tires, CROSSWIND A/T and LFL185 etc, which are quite popular in South Africa. This is the first that Linglong Tire appears on this exhibition, however, there are endless visitors and audience on Linglong’s booth.

The South African automobile industry ranks in the forefront of the world, the car ownership of this region is over 8 million. It is the best starting point for Chinese tire enterprises to develop the African market. The Linglong’s apperarance in Tyrexpo Africa demonstrates it attaching great importance on South African markets.