Linglong Focused On Dandelion Rubber Development
Author : Date : 20.12/2017 Print Font size:T|T

Beijing (December 19, 2017)---The 2017 Dandelion Rubber Technology Innovation Forum, jointly hosted by Linglong Tire and Dandelion Rubber Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, was successfully held in Beijing, capital of China. The theme of this meeting centered on  technology innovation in dandelion industry, aiming at accelerating the development of China’s  dandelion rubber industry.

China is short of natural rubber and imports over 80% natural rubber. Dandelion rubber is very likely to become the new strategic raw material of natural rubber in 21st century. Linglong Tire takes its responsibolity to make its contribution to the development of China’s dandelion rubber  and takes the lead to set up Dandelion Rubber Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, concentrating on domestic research of dandelion rubber.

In order to promote the industrialization of dandelion rubber, Linglong Tire plans to invest $450 million to set up a company tentatively named Linglong Dandelion Science and Technology Development Company. Mr. Wang Feng, chariman of Linglong Tire, pointed that the new company would gather various talents to break the bottleneck in the key technology of industrialization of dandelion rubber, making it reach a new level. Besides, Linglong believed the establishment of the new company would also lay a good organizational foundation for the future development of dandelion rubber. 

Furthermore, the success development and application of dandelion rubber could also improve the environment because it will reduce the use of synthetic rubber in Chinese rubber industry. It is well believed that increasingly more attention will be focused on dandelion rubber.