Linglong Tire Participated in China’s Large Aircraft Radial Tire Research
Author : Date : 19.12/2017 Print Font size:T|T
As it’s known to us all, aircraft tire plays an important role in maintaining the safety of aircraft’s taking off and landing. However, there is no owned technology or product of civil aviation large aircarft radial tire in China currently, in order to break this technical barriers, on Dec. 18, 2017, project launch meeting regarding the research of the advanced composite materials used in large aircarft radial tire, one of key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, was successfully held in Beijing University of Chemical Technology. During this meeting, the project consultant      experts committee consists of the leading experts set up the Project Science & Technology  Cooperation Advisory Committee, Mr. Wang Feng, chairman of Linglong Tire, was appointed as  the commissioner of this committee. 

Mr. Wang Feng pointed at the meeting that Linglong would like to make its own contribution to the development of aircraft tire project and promised to raise its own funds to construct aircraft tire production line and detection and analysis device. 

After the launch of this project, Linglong Tire will positively coordinate well with the project and conduct deeper research, conductive to the major breakthrough of large aircarft radial tire design theory and key rubber materials.