Linglong Tire Became the Official Sponsor of Chinese Volleyball League
Author : Date : 27.09/2017 Print Font size:T|T

On the night of Sept. 26, theChinese Volleyball League’s award ceremony of this season and the grand launching ceremony of new season was held in Beijing, Lang Ping, Chinese women volleyball team's head coach, and many famous volleyball stars made their appearance on the ceremony to witness this great moment.

As the official partner and sponsor ofChinese Volleyball League of 2017-2018 season, Linglong Tire also made its appearance on the ceremony. In the new season, a series of Linglong Tire’s elements will be shown on Chinese Volleyball League’ s court.  

When talking about the cooperation with Chinese Volleyball League in the interview, the representative of Linglong pointed that the spirit of Chinese volleyball had something in common with that of Linglong Tire. It was well known that Linglong sponsored Chinese volleyball team from 2011 to 2013, which was a great success in Chinese sports marketing. There was no doubt that it would be a win-win cooperation between the league and the company.

The cooperation will promote the reform and innovation of Chinese Volleyball League. Besides, Linglong Tire will appear on the court with the brand image well received by consumers.