Linglong Tire China Truck Racing Championship Was Held Successfully in Guangzhou


On Sept. 10, 2017, the final of Linglong Tire China Truck Racing Championship was held in Guangdong International Circuit. After fierce qualifying, the racers became more familiar with the circuit and strove for the final champion.

  • Mr. Wang Feng Was Invited to the Inauguration of Serbian President


    On June 23rd, Serbian new president Mr. Aleksandar Vučić’s inauguration ceremony was held in Belgrade, Mr. Wang Feng, chairman and president of Linglong Tire, attended the inauguration ceremony.

  • Linglong’s Brand Value Reaching RMB 30.563 Billion in 2017


    On June 22, the 14th World Brand Summit, sponsored by World Brand Lab, was held in Beijing, with releasing the 2017 China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands. Linglong ranks No.119 on the list with the brand value reaching RMB 30.563 billion, which is Linglong’s 13th time appearing on the list.

  • Accepted by CSI300&MSCI, Linglong Tire into the Global Capital Market


    On June 21st, the highly anticipated A-share breakout MSCI index results were announced and A shares finally joined the MSCI emerging market benchmark index. 222 Chinese A-share stocks were formally incorporated into the MSCI, including LingLong Tire (stock code: 601966).

  • Linglong Tire on Thai Police Car


    On June 13, 2017, the police cars of a Thailand local police station are equipped with Linglong Tire’s CROSSWIND A/T, which is endorsed by the world boxing champion Ms Cai Zongju. As the SUV tire suitable for all terrain, CROSSWINDA/T has the following features:

  • Linglong at Latin American&Caribbean Tyre Expo


    In 2017 Latin American&Caribbean Tyre Expo, many Chinese tire brands appearing on the show, including the well-known national tire brand, Linglong Tire, with its hit products like CROSSWIND HP010, CROSSWIND A/T, GREEN-Max and KMD401.

  • Linglong Tire 2017 China Truck Racing Championship Opened


    From June 10 to June 11, Linglong Tire 2017 China Truck Racing Championship was successfully held in Goldenport Circuit, Beijing, attracting 19 racing drivers from Europe and China.

  • Linglong Tire on AUTOPROMOTEC 2017


    From 24th May to the 28th May 2017, Linglong Tire made its appearance on Autopromotec 2017 with its new product, GREEN-Max ACRO, and its hit products including SUV tires, winter tires and TBR tires, attracting the attention of numerous customers.

  • Linglong Got Surprisingly Good Result from Test World


    Recently, the test results of 2017 Test World Tire Test Report of summer tires, conducted by Finnish Test World, was published authoritatively. The test was carried out in France by experts from professional Finnish Test World. 17 tire brands and products across the world were involved in the test. Linglong Tire won a total score of 8.3 points in the test, ranking No.1 among the five Chinese brands involved in the testing.

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